We counsel entrepreneurs and companies in all strategic aspects.

It is our vocation to sharpen the view for the present and the future.


Resources and commodities trading are the mainspring of global economy.

Due to our international focus are we a successful partner in initiation and execution.


We are entrepreneurs and invest in a number of industries and trades.

Our investments stretch from IT to medical and biotechnology as well as real estate.

Our Philosphy

Strategy without leadership is ineffective. Leadership without strategy is aimless. Only a person knowing its goal can say if he is on the right path.

There exist principles which hold true above and beyond all social spheres, regardless if it is military, politics, economy or culture. Each of these fields has its specific strengths. These strengths can only be explored and put to use if you look beyond your sphere of influence. It is exactly our task to sharpen this vision – regardless if we are consulting constantly or in a project.

Our long lasting experience combines the challenges of strategic thinking and its practical execution. It is a task one needs to confront oneself time and time again to be successful and to stay successful.

Our Services

Strategy & Tactic

To define and visualize strategic goals, it takes a clear view. Regardless whether it is about expansion, exit or finance,

We help to see clearly without neglecting the necessary daily flexibility. Because plans are one thing, execution are quite another.

Merger & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions have always drawn the brightest heads. Nowhere are accounting, finance and strategy as interlocked as in the top discipline M&A. Balance analytics, valuation of a company, capital structure, restructuring – everything is connected. This is the area where our long lasting consulting expertise and legal and fiscal experience shows to its fullest advantage.

Consulting & HR

Behind every companies stand the acting people. Whether entrepreneur or manager, decisive for success are intuition and persistence, discipline and creativity. But sometimes also just a good advice or the right network. And this our strength. Because we know that all depends upon the right people.

Trading & Commodities

Trading, resources, finance: it is an industry which demands a special expertise from customer to supply contacts as well as finance aspects and contractual conditions. We are also counselling in logistic matters and technical execution. Our focus lies on petrochemicals, agriculture & phosphates as well as metals.


The Apollo Team has a broad professional and international background from all different countries and industries.

The Apollo employees and free-lancers have been working for major consulting groups such as Boston Consulting and Ernst & Young. They have profound experience in industrial players like Airbus, Storz Medical and Rakuten/Japan. Our team members also have a very strong legal and strategic know how from their work for international law firms such as Linklaters, Freshfields and GleissLutz.

But most important to us: most of our team members have been entrepreneurs themselves and all of our team members think like entrepreneurs.

Regardless of whether we counsel in question of strategic positioning, financial aspects, M&A or legal aspects – we will always see the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur.

The Team of Apollo consists of more than 30 persons with nationalities from Sweden to Turkey, from Switzerland to China as well as from Senegal to Germany. We feel at home on every continent. We speak more than ten languages as our mother tongue among which are of course French, English, German, Chinese, Russian, Polish and Turkish.

Our main focus is consulting in the areas of MedTech, Information Technologies, Commodities and Petrochemicals as well as BioTech, M&A/Strategy Consulting, Fertilizers, Foodstuff and Agriculture.


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